Sunday, March 17, 2013

The following article is from the Transport For London (TFL) Website,and reflects not only London but the whole of the UK, as well as Airport Transfers.

Source TFL

Despite significant progress over recent years, illegal cabs (unbooked minicabs, including unlicensed cabs and licensed minicabs touting illegally) remain a serious problem in London. These 'cabs' are unregulated and uninsured to carry passengers, and in some cases the drivers are linked to more serious crimes, including rape and sexual assault, robbery and drugs.
Tfl goes on  to say that illegal cabs also present a threat to the business of licensed and law-abiding taxi and private hire drivers, intercepting customers and representing unfair - and unsustainable - competition. 


To gain a better understanding of illegal cab activity and late night travel issues, we have commissioned independent research on the subject. The results showed that of those Londoners who had used an unbooked minicab, the most common reasons for feeling unsafe were:
  • They had to get out of cab before reaching their destination, or had to get out and run
  • The driver acted unreasonably when the fare was disputed (eg locked the car)
  • They were overcharged or given another price when they got to their destination
  • They were taken to an unknown or unfamiliar area, or back street
  • The driver took them the wrong way or got lost
  • The driver drove too fast, erratically or dangerously
  • They felt uncomfortable or threatened by the driver's behaviour

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